Unmanned Arial Vehicle Insurance

drone-unmanned-arial-vehicle-insuranceIf you or someone you know needs coverage for a commercial or hobby application of unmanned arial vehicles and/or drones, W.A. George has you covered. From surveillance to photography, drones are becoming a part of our everyday lives, make sure you have the coverage you need. 

Coverage is designed for unmanned aircraft up to five pounds, with wingspans of or combined rotor span of up to three feet

The W. A. George unmanned arial vehicle insurance policy provide the following coverage options:

  • Quad-Copter Insurance for Photographers
  • Insurance for hobbyists
  • Coverage for Event Coordinators 
  • Coverage for Agriculture and farming use
  • Multi-rotor coverage for a variety of other applications

Coverage is flexible with terms and conditions customizable to individual needs.

Optional coverage for hi-jacking or any unlawful seizure or wrongful exercise of control by means of “spoofing”.