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Trade Contractor Insurance

contractor-insuranceW. A. George has construction industry insights regarding innovative products and services to help commercial trade contractors address their unique exposures.

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W. A. George we can help you manage and mitigate risks such as workforce injuries, quality assurance and quality control and fleet management.

General liability insurance

  • General liability gives your construction business and your employees security. With this coverage, you can carry out daily work knowing you and your employees are protected from uncertainty. General liability protects your business against claims brought against the company as a whole, as well as claims brought against individual employed by the Company.

  • For a contractor or construction worker, general liability insurance offers peace of mind that their contracting or construction business will have the necessary funds to continue daily operations-even when faced with a costly claim.

Covers the legal fees that can easily bankrupt a small contracting or construction business such cost as attorney fees, witness fees, court expense and more. After a lawsuit, GENERAL LIABILITY FOR CONSTRUCTION WORKERS AND CONTRACTORS can be the difference between never opening the business doors again and weathering the storm still on your feet.

Added Value Contractor’s Faulty Workmanship Coverage

Contractor’s Faulty Workmanship Coverage is a unique endorsement offered by W.A. George Insurance Agency Contractor’s General Liability programs. It provides a $10,000 limit to protect our clients against arising out of faulty workmanship, materials or products. These claims would otherwise be excluded by exclusions, J (Damage to Property), K (Damage to Product) and L (Damage to Your Work), found in other contractor general liability policies.  Obtain coverage for such claims by insuring with W.A. George Insurance Agency.

Actual Covered Claims Examples

99215 Driveway, Parking Area or Sidewalk

A driveway/sidewalk paving contractor was hired to cover a parking lot with asphalt. Two months after the installation of the parking lot, the client alleged that the original installation was not sticking, and it appeared that the surface was crumbling. The unsatisfied client filed a claim. Although the claim would have been denied under the ISO general liability “business risk” exclusion, the insured had the Faulty Workmanship endorsement as part of his policy. The endorsement provided $10,000 for the claim.

94569 Floor Covering Installation

A floor covering and tile/stone installation contractor was hired to install carpet in a residence. A claim was filed alleging the carpet installation was poorly done. The customer claimed there were multiple seam issues, the Berber was not lined up and the carpet frayed at all transitions. The insured was billed and paid $2,247.11 for the removal and replacement of the carpet. Because the contractor’s W.A. George policy had the Faulty Workmanship endorsement, the carrier reimbursed the insured.

92478 Electrical – Within Buildings

Keith, a licensed electrical contractor, was hired to install security cameras. The cameras were installed incorrectly. Water got into the cameras causing damage. The contractor’s Faulty Workmanship endorsement paid $10,000 for the damages caused by the fault/installation. If the contractor did not have the Faulty Workmanship endorsement, he would have been
responsible for the entire $10,000 in damages.

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